MODD1 Addresses an Unmet Need in Diabetes Care

MODD1 is designed to revolutionize the approach for providers to oversee patient's diabetes. With a simplified design, patients can now enjoy the benefits of pumping basal / bolus insulin, and providers gain valuable insight into their patient’s diabetes management.

Provider Benefits

The complexity of diabetes devices can be intimidating and even an impediment to improved glycemic control for many patients. The MODD1 is designed with the user in mind, allowing the HCP to better assist each patient with achieving their A1C goals.

Glooko Remote Patient Monitoring* and Dashboard

Automatic uploading of insulin data to the Glooko platform allows for a more complete visualization of each patient’s history. The dashboard concisely summarizes crucial metrics such as glucose monitoring and daily insulin intake, enabling providers to make informed decisions and tailor consultations to address specific health needs.

*Future feature implementation.

Training + Support

We'll help you access user-friendly resources that help Providers learn how to use MODD1 and its app effectively. We're here to guide you through the process, ensuring you can confidently use our innovative platform for the best patient care.

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