Simplifying Insulin Pump Technology

Today, insulin-requiring people with diabetes who choose to pump, must invest significant time to learn how to manage their insulin therapy, cover high out-of-pocket expenses, and operate complicated “advanced” pump systems. Wearers experience a 24 hour variable basal insulin schedule and one button boluses. No more uncomfortable injections. No more hassle with complicated systems.

Multiple Daily Injections


Having to carry pens and supplies for manual injections throughout the day

Simple one button convenience

Cumbersome and non-discrete

Slim and discrete

No tracking or visibility of your insulin injection data

Sharing of insulin management data with you and your HCP

Compliance challenges giving shots outside the house

MODD1 allows for discrete insulin injection at ideal timeframes

Effortless Insulin Delivery Made Possible

New Intuitive Design

Aiming for user-friendly functionality and a modern appearance
No need to charge your pump every night or replace the battery

3-Day Convenience in Our 300 unit Insulin Cartridges

Fill and attach a new cartridge
to the pump every 3 days

Adhesive Technology

For easy and discrete access

90-Day Use

After the first 90 days, easily transition settings to the next 90-day pump

Modular Medical intends to:

Simplify the diabetes management experience

Unlock access to diabetes technologies that improve outcomes

Be easy to learn and intuitive to use

Require less time for diabetes management and allow more time for what’s important

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